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Best Slots to Play Online in 2021

Slots, one of the best paststines in 2021, are so hard to pin down. For a new player or for anyone playing slots online recreationally, it would be a true challenge to successfully manage to pick the best slots to play online amongst the thousand titles available. 

The best online slots can be ranked against many factors, not limited to a slots outlook, graphics and design. There are so much more ongoing work on the backend, while players only see the beauty in the frontend. This is were we think we can be of help to all the readers.

In this piece, we aim to break down the best slots online, which you should always play at an online casino, based on different aspects. These should not be taken as one against the other, since most of these best slots carry their own unique features. Read below for more on each one of these top slots:

#1 Best Multiplier - Bonanza

#2 Most Creative - Street Fight II: The World Warrior

#3 Best Volatility - Starburst

#4 Best Megaways - Gonzo's Quest Megaways

#5 Best Slingo - Slingo Rainbow Riches

#6 Best Progressive Jackpot - Mega Moolah 

#7 Best RTP - Reel Rush

#8 Best Fruit Machines - Diamond Strike

#9 Best Egyptian - Return of the Dead

#10 Best Cluster Pays - Aloha! 

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Online Slots: Top Tips & Best Strategy

Before we provide you with our selected top 10 slots online, it is important to highlight the factors that we take into account when reviewing each slot games title. These are framed as strategic tips in the bulleted list below:

  • Over 95% RTP: the Return to Player is the first thing that a player should take into account when playing slots online. Knowing what percentage each slots returns helps you set your expectations right - as well as your bet per spin.
  • Medium Volatility/Variance: most amateurs tend to go for the top slots in terms of volatility, without, however, considering the variance of the slot they are picking to bet online. High variance slots tend to pay large amounts on every win, while volatile slots tend to pay out more often. Finding a slot that offers both of these traits at a high level is impossible or it would be banned from casinos and slots sites. Therefore, finding the best online slot to play would mean that found one with an equal standing against both of these criteria. 
  • 2x or more bonuses: most modern and top-rated slots in 2021 tend to incorporate at least 2 bonuses within their gameplay; these can be free spins, multipliers, sticky wilds, expanding wilds, mini games, gamble features and so much more. Never consider playing a slot that doesn't offer any of these, while the best slots online that you should play on usually offer 2-3 lucrative bonus rounds within their gameplay.
  • Multiple jackpots: long are the times that you would have to search for hours to find one good paying jackpot slot. Today, the best online slots tend to incorporate jackpots of different sizes and types; instant, fixed, projegressive, minor, grand, mega and other such titles are used to describe the pay out that the best jackpot slots offer. Ideally, you would play on a slot that offers a combination of the above. 
  • Spin smartly: all of our above tips are useful and effective, but they are generic. You are the one who should decide exactly how to play on the best online slots. You shouldn't change past losses, you should keep your betting amount straight and your stake per spin should range between 1-3% of your total bankroll. The latter is a tip that can be applied by all players indifferently to the size of bankroll that they carry

Best Online Slots 2021

Knowing the basics and having a strategy in mind is a good first step when approaching the online slots casino. The next step is to find a top slot, which you don't just like in terms of gameplay and outlook, but one that also pays out the best. The list of 10 best slots online that you can play is established by focusing on various slots and factors that these games excel at. 

1. Bonanza Megaways - Unlimited Multiplier Bonus

Big Time Gaming did such a great job with Bonanza's Megaways feature, that all providers srarted shifting their slots to this format. With bets ranging from 20p to €500 per spin and an RTP of 96%, Bonanza slots is a great game to begin with. However, what makes it stand out is the bonus round; it is triggered when the letters G-O-L-D land on the reels and the bonus begins with 6-12 free spins and a 0 multiplier. This doesn't sound like much, but the multiplier increases for every winning combination - and there are 117,649 different ways to win here. Further, the free spins can keep going as long as their respective symbols land on the wheels. Thus, Bonanza offers an unlimited multiplier and number of free spins, as long as you are lucky. This is why it is the best slot on our list, in terms of bonus rounds. 

Play Bonanza slot

2. Street Figher II - Most Creative Slots Online

This is a masterful adoptation of the video game under the same name by NetEnt. Street Fighter II slots was released this year and it features all the characters from the video game in the most creative way. In terms of gameplay, STF2 has medium to high volatility and a 96.6% RTP with the bets starting at €0.20 up to €700 per spin. It's ideal in terms of its characteristics, but what makes Street Fighter II enter our list is its creative gameplay. It is up to each player to pick a fighter and an opponent, which also defines how the reels are going to look. The bonus rounds are also adopoted based on the choice and the players can also switch fighter and therefore change the gameplay at will. SF2 slot by NetEnt has raised the bar for all other casino developers.  

Play Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot

3. Play Starburst - Most Balanced Volatility

You will see many slots lists adding Starburst by NetEnt on top, but for the wrong reasons. Starburst slot has indeed a solid RTP of 96% and a decent sticky wild bonus features, but compared to newer top slots - it is definitely not amongst the best. Nevertheless, what makes Staburst a very special game is the pay both ways format. Wins are not formed left to right only, as in most slots, but also right to the left - positioning Staburst amongst the top slots in term of volatility levels. 

Play Starburst Slot Game

4. Gonzos Quest Megaways - Best Megaways Slots 2021

If it comes to picking one amongst the best megaways slots, then Gonzos Quest Megaways slot can easily rise on top. Red Tiger Gaming is a new player in the iGaming industry, but it seems that they take their job very seriously. With this slot game, they must have worked very hard. It has 8/10 in terms of volatility levels and the bets range from €0.10 up to €40 per spin; when combined with its 96% RTP, then things can get interesting for the punters. Nonetheless, what made this game reach this top slots list is none of the above. Most remakes of slots tend to butcher the original, but the Gonzos Quest Megaways pays tribute to the classic Gonzo's Quest and just improves every aspect of it - bringing it up to the level of slots released in 2021. 

Play Gonzos Quest Megaways Slot Games

5. Rainbow Riches Slingo - Highest Paying Slingo Game

Slingo Originals is one of the oldest iGaming companies and they have been launching quite a few games in the last few years. Slingo games tend to combine bingo and slots, offering a witty hybrid that can be enjoyed by players from both spectrums. Rainbow Riches slingo is our favourite amongst this slots saga, primarily due to the multiplicity of bonuses (6 in total), the Irish theme which fits perfecrly within a slingo slots and the 1,000x multiplier that we haven't encounter ever before. 

Slingo Rainbow Riches slot deposit

6. Mega Moolah - Best Progressive Jackpot

Well, Mega Moolah's Microgaming slot couldn't be missing from here right? It still holds the €18 million highest jackpot payout, so it deserves to be listed amongst the best slots online. Mega Moolah slot carries an RTP of 96.98%, which is outstanding for a jackpot game - since more of these slots tend to have as low as 89% RTP. Players can bet from as low as €.020 up to €500 per bet here and can look out for wilds and scatters that trigger the free spins round. There 4x different jackpot levels, with the progressive one starting at €1,000,000; these are triggered at random, so the stake per spin is irrelevant to the winning potential.  


7. Reel Rush Slots - Highest RTP 

You can find better slots games in terms of graphics and theme, but when it comes to its RTP percentage, Reel Rush slots doesn't dissapoint. Standing at a gracious 96.96%, players can expect some big wins - especially if we take into account the medium to high volatility levels here. Bets here range from €0.20 - €500 per spin and if 2x wilds symbols land on the reels - the free spins round unlocks and wins follow. Highest RTP games exist, but not with as high bet levels; the combination of wilds, high RTP and volatility - truly set out Reel Rush at the top of slot games in terms of RTP value. 

Play Reel Rush slot games

8. Diamond Strike - Best Fruit Machine

Pragmatic Play has done a great job with this online slot, otherwise we wouldn't consider including a classic fruit machine amongst the best slots of 2021. It has a stunning RTP of 97.02%, free spins and wilds that make the reels burn in terms of high octane payouts. There is also a jackpot game that can be triggered during the free spins round, where players can win up to 1000x their bet. Diamond Strike slots online is a top-rated games, which follows and re-imagines the classic fruit machine feel beautifully. A 100% must play game.

Diamond Strike Slots 2021

9. Return of the Dead - Best Egyptian Themed slot

Another big hit by Pragmatic play, this new slot re-imagines the classic Egyptian theme and gives it a modern spin. Modern figures are side by side to classic hieroglyphics and Egyptian Gods, while the Return of the Dead book symbol is the scatter here. We really love this themed slot and this is why we added amongst the best, but its mechanics also don't dissapoint; with an RTP of 96.71% and a 5,000x max win it has everything a player could ask for. 

Play Return of the Dead slot games

10. Play Aloha Slots Online - Top Rated Cluster Pays Game

Long before the Megaways slots hit the market, the cluster pays slot were quite big news; well, they still are with many players and this is why we reviewed all of them to pick out the best. Set with a 6x5 reels structure, Aloha! has the ideal format for a cluster pays game. Wins form vertically and horizantally when 9 or more symbols match. There is a sticky re-spin feature available and also free spins that range in terms of amount according to the number of symbols the player lands on reels. The RTP in this Hawaiian slot stands at a 96.42% and there is a jackpot prize of up to €200,000 up for grabs here. 

Top Rated Cluster Pays Slots - Aloha

Concluding Remarks on the Best Slots to Play

As you have read above, our list covers a great range of options amongst different niches within online slots - but each one of these is the best in each own right. If you pick one of these best slots to play and also apply our strategy and tips, your winning chances on slots will shift largely in 2021. We hope that you enjoy all of these best online slots and if you play them on Easy Slots, you also stand the chance to win 500 free spins on Staburst with your first €10 deposit